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Tip Temperature

If the tip temperature is too high, it decreases the life of the tip. So we suggest

you to use the lowest *possible* tip temperature when soldering. This not

only prolong life of the tip, it also quickens heat recovery and decreases harm

to sensitive components.

Routine Cleaning during soldering.

The soldering iron tip should be wiped cleaned of burnt solder or fluxes

that may cause oxidation during use. The solder tips are chrome electroplated

on the surface and should be bright silver with no flux residue or solder on it

before soldering.

When Not in Use

If a soldering iron does not have a thin consistent layer or solder over the

entire surface, the tip has not been properly tinned. When you are not using

your iron, make sure you leave a large lump of solder on the tip. This maintains

the tinning on the tip, and the tip will last much longer. Always leave a coat of

solder on the tip to protect it when not in use.


STEPS in Checking, Cleaning and Tinning the Tip

1. Set temperature to 250°C (482°F)

2. After real temperature reaches the set temperature, use a damp sponge to

clean the tip and check for damages.

3. If the tip has oxidation, apply solder and wipe using the damp sponge, repeat

these steps until oxidation is removed.

4. After cleaning, coat tip with a thin layer of solder and set it aside ready for the

next usage.

5. If the tip shows disfiguration or has rust on it. Change the tip.